• Expert Arc: Manufacturing & Repairing.

    • Sanjay Mali
    • 2486 Days ago
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    Expert Arc: Manufacturing & Repairing. We are manufacturers of all types of Welding Machines,Welding Transformers,Welding Rectifiers,co2/MIG Welding Equipment, TIG Welding Equipment.Also all size of Welding Machines Will be available & Repairing. For more information contact us on +91-9762151847or mail us on expertarc401@gmail.com jtppagni4094
  • Stop violence against Women

    • Ankur
    • 2436 Days ago
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    The capital city Delhi is victim to yet another crime against women when a 23 year old student was gang raped and sexually assaulted in a moving bus. It's high time the Indian Government takes strict measures to avoid such incidents in the future. Fast track courts must be initiated in the country for cases of rape and sexual harassment. Police need to be active and alert to prevent such shameful
  • Is Casteism and Religion Strength of India?

    • 2635 Days ago
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    India is divided among several religions, caste etc. Reservation is granted for Lower caste but not for poor people. India is divided into religions, then caste, then states, then cities................. and finally an individual. Is this good for the development of India. Many of them get Jobs also upon their religions and the caste they belong to................ Think before its too late
  • Action Taken against Pakistan

    • All India
    • Category :Politics and Government
    • Sanika Bhardwaj
    • 2411 Days ago
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    What type of action should be taken by Indian Government after Pakistan's Army attack on Indian Army? Write your comments about it....
  • Corporal Punishment in Bearys Institute of Technology

    • 2373 Days ago
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    I have come across an inside information that the Chairman of Bearys Intitute of Technology Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary literally beat(punched)a group of more than a dozen college students on the face because of a very minor issue of being late for prayers. Mr. Beary has also been physically punishing these college students. It is a serious concern to me as I am also a post-secondary student, while no
  • Regularisation of Houses Outside the "LAL DORA" in Chandigarh

    • 2363 Days ago
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    whether is it possible for Chandigarh Administration to regularise the houses constructed outside the LAL DORA or red line of villages in chandigarh as in delhi the government itself resolve the issue pending since last many years and in last delhi govt. ready to regularised the colonies which was constructed upon ASI AND FOREST LAND but instead of this the govt going to regularise that colonies
  • Secure Wildlife

    • Assam
    • Category :Animal Rights Welfare
    • Shasanka Medhi
    • 1674 Days ago
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    One Horned Rhino is the state symbol of Assam. Between 1st to 10th January, 2015, there were 4 rhino’s killed by poachers in the state while there are also reports of killing wild elephants. On the other hand, Tokay Geckos are also being smuggled by a group of miscreants in the State. Through this post, I would like to draw attention of the concerned authorities who are responsible for maintainin
  • Cleanliness in Fancy Bazar Area

    • Raj Kumar
    • 1688 Days ago
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    This most important commercial hub of the city is probably the most neglected one from the civic authorities. The pathetic condition of the road, cleanliness and other civic amenities shows a bad and ugly face of the city to its lacs of visitors and tourists also. The authorities must rise to the situation and must improve the services as early as possible.