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  • charge sheet against builder Anil Kumar in cheating case

    • bharat purbey
    • 1284 Days ago
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    पैसा लेकर फ्लैट नहीं देने के मैं पाटलिपुत्र बिल्डर ,पटना के प्रबंध निदेशक अनिल कुमार के विरूद्ध कोतवाली थाना, पटना में प्राथमिकी दर्ज किया सं0 212/15 दि0 2-5-2015 है. साढे तीन वर्ष ब्यतीत हो गया अभी तक अनिल कुमार के विरूद्ध कोर्ट में आरोप पत्र दायर नहीं किया जाना दुखद है. बिहार पुलिस की क्या कार्यशैली है यह इससे पता चल रहा है. इसकी सिकायत एक साल पहले मै सिकायत निवारण केन्द्र ,पटना में भी किया

  • Why is CM Nitish Kumar insensitive towards small traders

    • Amit Kumar
    • 1409 Days ago
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    Stretch from Raja Bazar to Jagdeopath in Patna has recently come up as a hub for eaters and shoppers who are served by small traders.

    In last one week there has been a drive from government to remove any shop, establishment, eating joint that has encroached upon government land.

    Clearly this action from government shows how insensitive they are towards small time traders. Trade

  • Is it Digital India

    • Dr Rakesh Santani
    • 1422 Days ago
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    My car was picked up by traffic police from parking lot due to some misunderstanding. Now, to take it back, is like Climbing Mt Everest. So, Orthodox, useless laws to laugh at? And they say- digital India? Government offices r not ready to accept ur digital verification

  • unavailability of water draining system in area

    • Sumit Gupta
    • 1835 Days ago
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    I am sumit gupta after tired of knocking the door of each department of my city I.e. municipality, parshad of my ward, MLA of Alwar even lok jan adalat, finally I came here in a hope to resolve my colony problem which have been facing last 2 yrs I.e. no water draining system.


    M leaving here since 2005 nd from that day once the road constructed nd

  • Protection of my life

    • Krishnan
    • 2351 Days ago
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    I rented my house which is in manthada under bhogyam to with Mr. Velakanni Louis on 26-06-2013 for the period of 3 years orally and 11 months in agreement. But within 11 months of the period one of his family person committed suicide in that house and after soon of that they vacated that house and urged us repay the money which they have given for bhogyam but where we invested the money we got a