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  • Fighting against dowry

    • gungun
    • 1110 Days ago
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    Marriage is a sacred bond but between this bond , a stigma exists - which is dowry. Women are ill treated for the sake of dowry so they have a very strong provision against the ill treatment , that is Section 498a.

     Section 498a is a non bailable offence and that's why women use the power given to them ,sometimes in an unconstitutional way ie misuing it when there is a regular fig

  • dowry in india?

    • Prashant Gupta
    • 3671 Days ago
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    The basic definition of dowry have remained unclear. As discussed by Menski (1998), there are definitely several concepts of dowry which interlink with each other. Some writers have defined dowry as wealth given to a daughter at her marriage for contributing to the practical life of the newly married couple. They are transfers given from parents to the daughter to take with her into marriage.

  • kaya aurat jab bhy chahe kisse ko bhy pahasa sakty hai dowry ma

    • khankhan
    • 3703 Days ago
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    mai is se pahle bhy apko bataya tha ke india today ke farshan or tamanna mil ke nawaab ka property hasil karna chata hai kyunki isse pahle bhy wah log isse trah ka dowry kess karke property hadpa huwa hai or ab phir nawab ke shaadi nujhat se 13 sal pahle huethy magar usse koi bacha nahy huwa to nawab ne nujhat ke marje se dusrey saadi ke 1 sal pahle jisse 1ladka huwa hai ab nujhat ka kahna hai ke