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  • Shameless Ramjas School Pusa Road

    • Namita Tiwari
    • 593 Days ago
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    • The teachers are not at all concerned about wheather the students understood the topic or not .they are all in a hurry to complete the syllabus.

    • The computer teacher Jitender Kaur Aswal has a cheapness of another level. She encouraged a girl to have affair with a boy and later made a vedio of them ki

    • Category :Education
    • FGSI Event
    • 1398 Days ago
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    FGSI is one of the top international event company in India . whose main business activities include international event communication, science fair for students international event in India. For more detail go here https://www.fgsi.co.in/blog/benefits-of-science-fairs/

  • Stop Growing Due to Certification

    • 1482 Days ago
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    In India, companies are targeted to the employees with high qualifying certificates. For examples there are two employees are in a company. Both employees names are A and B. A is MBA qualified and B is only BA Pass. They both work for 5 years for the companies.

     After 5 years when the company discusses both promotions, the find, Employee A is more suitable for promotion in compare