Best for small must for all

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    The unemployment problem is a major problem in our country and a large numbers of unemployed persons are suffering due to lack of proper employment.Like this Dhubri is one of the economically backward district of Assam due to unemployment. In this time to solve unemployment problem it is necessary to start some self employment programmes in this district.Already various schemes has been implem

  • Injustice in salary distribution in IDSP govt. Health project

    • Varun Shahi
    • 3289 Days ago
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    Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) was launched with World Bank assistance in November 2004 to detect and respond to disease outbreaks quickly. Since 2005 there is no salary revision or annual increment has been done to IDSP staff. IDSP employees are working in contractual post, where the minimum salary is Rs. 8500.00 of (Data Entry Operator) and the required qualification for this po

  • Contractual employees in Delhi

    • Delhi
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    • Nitin attray
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    Hello sir, we are the Para medical staff working in various hospitals of Delhi govt would like to draw your kind attention towards 3 LAC contractual employees working in Delhi govt. Sir apart of favourable decision from honourable Delhi high court...................W.P(C)6798/2002. Sir contrary to Delhi high court decision Delhi government has now filled a case in supreme court against us on 17/1

  • Equal rights to disabled

    • Shilpa Walekar
    • 1635 Days ago
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    Why disabled don't get job in good reputed firms and why they are not paid high salary. Whole life they have to struggle but no growth to these people. That's why they remain poor and die in poverty. Their levels won't change. Can we raise voice for these disabled people?? They should be given first priority for employment and education. Should be given equal rights.. if we raise voice for the