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  • Stray dogs pausing danger to life

    • Vishnu Prasad
    • 50 Days ago
    • 0

    There are too many stray dogs (10-15) in Kopra road, Sector-10, Kharghar. While coming from office in late evening after 10 pm, these stray dogs pose a threat to humans. They are in attack mode, barking and advancing towards people. There are small meat markets also nearby. These stray dogs can be a threat if not addressed in early stages. Kindly resolve this issue as this is danger to human l

  • Drainage system block

    • Diptesh Naik
    • 1133 Days ago
    • 0

    The rain water and waste discharge by nearby residence are accumulated in the drains leading it to overflow as the water drains are blocked, I have lodged  complained in village panchayat on 7/11/2016 and recent on 11/09/2017 but cleaning was not performed due to of stay order imposed by some local resident. 

    So kindly I request to shut the drainage permanently cause our life

  • undue delay in issuance of Birth Certificate by HDMC old hubli office

    • srinivas
    • 1422 Days ago
    • 0

    I and so many people of my locality are facing this problem. The applications are not processed in time it is taking months to issue a simple birth / death certificate. They are not telling clearly when it ll be issued simply they tell tomorrow. Again when you go same answer. Total waste of time for citizens plus frustration about the kind of service they provide

  • Injustice by parents

    • Prabhakar Kulkarni
    • 2199 Days ago
    • 0

    Dear M/s, I was asked by my father to work and send him money when I was just 19. I did it by staying lodge in Mumbai from 1983 to 87. Then I went to middle east in 1987 as worker and sent him hard earned huge money. He is died now. From that money he built a house in Nanded. I want to sell that house and get back my proportionate amount of money. No one from my familiy gave my father money but o