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  • Road Accident on NH 28 near Kajiinda chook

    • Gulshan Kumar
    • 1352 Days ago
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    I would like to concern about the road accident near kajiinda chowk National Highway 28. last few time some fatal road accident meet in this area, and result is person leave their life on the spot. i think The main reason of the road accident is the georiphical figure condition, one state highway divided from kajiinda chook and goes to Hajipur, this reason the vehiclemove from one road to anot

  • Wrong side driving on NH8 and in Bhiwadi

    • kapil DEV
    • 2383 Days ago
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    I have recently started residing in Bhiwadi. One of the problem which I have noticed that people drive on wrong side in city of Bhiwadi but also on NH-8.
    This is exposing the people to the risk of accidents. A driving on wrong side not only endanger his own life but also the life of others. Nearly 2.75 Lac loose their life in Road accidents in India. Nearly double get injured in such inciden

  • Traffic Lights Timer at Airport Chowk not working from last 6 Months

    • 3401 Days ago
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    I want to draw your kind attention to the non-working of the traffic lights timer installed at Airport Chowk, Chandigarh from last 6 months and due to which chances of accidents remains there and due to heavy traffic or rush over there is always problem for pedestrian passers. And due to non- working of traffic lights timer many vehicles passing over there still thought that green light is there